15 August, 2014

Summer vacation 2014


The store will be closed from 15 August to 19 August 2014*.
We wish you a Happy Summer Holiday!

30 August, 2013

Arcadia: The VF-1J 30th Anniversary Ltd is here!

Here is the first valkyrire from Arcadia: the VF-1J 30th Anniversary Ltd . A valkyrire with a special paint scheme designed by Hidetaka Tenjin.

As below is some first pictures of the box. I don't have time to take pictures of the valkyrie but will update later.

First look at the box. The size is similar to the previous valkyrie boxes, even the Bigwest sticher is here: at the bottom left and green this time.

Back of the box has the usual pictures of the valkyries plus a small notice about the painting being fragile.

Strangely, the back of the box is very flat and neither the left or right side do have any marks of an opening. Looking carefully, the real box is actually hidden under a cover and have to be slipped out. White coloured, the window box is embossed with gold letters.

The valkyrie comes with the usual acccessories. The replacement hands is the TV version ones, but the gunpod seems not having the "UN Spacy" mark, have to check further...

13 August, 2013

CP9 Kalifa in Limited Edition

Megahouse has decided to release 2 pre-painted figures of the CP9 members and is introducing a new line for their POP series: the MAS edition. Kalifa will be a Limited Edition figure and Rob Lucci in Leopard mode will be the first figure for the MAS edition. Meanwhile, The Z Edition continues to growing with the coming figure of Aokiji Kuzan. All of these for December 2013.

P.O.P One Piece "LIMITED EDITION” Kalifa

P.O.P One Piece “MAS” Rob Lucchi Leopard Version

P.O.P One Piece “EDITION-Z” Aokiji Kuzan

12 August, 2013

Happy Summer Holidays!


Wow, the past week have seen temperature above 32ÂșC in Hong Kong. Time to us to take a break and depart for a more friendly place to enjoy this hot weather.
The store will be closed from 19 August to 26 August 2013*.
We wish you a Happy Summer Holiday!

29 July, 2013

New 1/60 Valkyries from Arcadia

Arcadia, formerly Yamato Japan, is on track to release 2 valkyries in 2013 and more for 2014...

The first valkyrie is a collaboration with Hasegawa, the VF-1J 30th Anniversary Ltd will feature a paint scheme designed by Hidetaka Tenjin and will be released in August/September 2014. The second valkyrie will be a VF-1S Roy Focker DYRL bundled with a display stand and expected for November/December 2013.

- VF-1J 30th Anniversary Ltd

- VF-1S Roy Focker Movie Special Ed. 1/60

Sideshow Collectibles back to HKcollectibles

We are pleased to announce the return of the Star Wars 12 inches figures to HKcollectibles. 3 Clone Troopers Deluxe will be available in January 2014:

- Clone Trooper Deluxe: 501st

- Clone Trooper Deluxe: Veteran

- Clone Trooper Deluxe: Clone Trooper Deluxe: 212th Exclusive Edition

Price revised for the Macross 7 Valkyries

We just revised the pricing for some of the Valkyries from Yamato Japan. The list is as below:

- VF-19S Emerald Force: HK$1069.00

- VF-19 Custom Fire Basara Nekki: HK$1199.00

- VF-19P Planet Zola Patrol Color: HK$1849.00

- VF-17S Diamond Force: HK$1199.00

- VF-17D with Super Pack 30th Anniversary: HK$2449.00

- VF-1A Movie with Optional Parts 30th Anniversary: HK$829.00

- VF-1A Hayao Kakizaki (TV Version) 1/60: HK$529.00